President's Letter

The PDE continues to look for value added opportunities with events for Membership benefit.  2015 was another successful year for the PDE to provide Membership with additional social and networking opportunities.  We continue to seek collaborative relationships with other industry leading trade associations.  

The core social element of the PDE is the PDE Scholarship Program and in 2015 $12,000 was awarded to member company children.  The Board voted to expand our social program and added addiction as an area to provide awareness.  During the Annual Meeting in November, we invited Bernie Parent to address Membership and share his journey through addiction.  In addition, he shared personal narratives that have influenced his life and he has accumulated in the book he wrote, Journey Through Risk and Fear. Easy read and full of interesting and powerful messages. 

2016 will be a watershed year for the Pharmaceutical industry.  The office the POTUS will be determined in November and it is adding much uncertainty for Pharmaceutical companies.  What we do know is the Pharmaceutical Industry provides lifesaving and life enhancing drugs.  There is “noise” everywhere. The Pharmaceutical Industry will survive and grow, providing innovative products that will continually change healthcare for the benefit of the patient.   

This is your Trade Association. We need your support and participation to sustain the Association. Paying your dues promptly is a vote to support the PDE.

Look forward to seeing you at PDE events in 2016.

Best regards,

Fred Lutz