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White paper discusses how Selig’s proprietary heat seal for glass will benefit the beauty and cosmetics industry 

Selig, the global leader in sealing solutions, has published an in-depth white paper that looks at the latest sealing options available to the cosmetics industry and how their GlassFuze™ technology will be of benefit.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is big business; predictions say that the market will reach $758.45 billion by 2025, growing at a rate of 5.9%. It’s a market where consumers are willing to spend that little bit more for premium products and where brand perception matters. As a result, cosmetic manufacturers are investing time and money in new products and are looking for packaging that adds to the premium product perception.

The use of glass over plastic is fueled by this desire for quality and superiority as well as the fact that environmental concerns are on the increase. Consumers are focused on recyclability and are more aware of the harm plastic is causing to the environment. The shift towards glass in this market is inevitable, but what sealing options are available and are they suitable for the products housed inside?

The white paper has been developed by the experts at Selig and discusses how hermetic glass sealing will benefit the beauty and cosmetics industry. It explores the sealing options for glass and what is currently being used while also explaining how the current options are inferior when used with liquids or with creams and substances that have a high oil content – such as expensive face creams and moisturisers.

Selig offers a solution called GlassFuze™, a technology that uses a proprietary heat-sealing material to provide a hermetic seal to glass using induction sealing technology. A seal that is airtight and watertight even in the presence of oil and emulsions that are typical in the cosmetics industry. It examines the technology and research that made GlassFuze™ possible as well as some of the key concerns for cosmetic manufacturers, such as product ‘caking’, tamper-proofing and product shelf-life, all of which GlassFuze™ answers.

‘Hermetic glass sealing and how it will benefit the beauty and cosmetics industry’ is available to download here.


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Selig is a leading worldwide manufacturer of tamper evident cap and closure lining materials for use across a broad range of applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetics and healthcare. Selig’s comprehensive range of both one- and two-piece structures means that they are able to manage even the most challenging applications with one of their customised aluminum foil/heat seal combination products. In addition, Selig offer a range of easy open products which offer greatest convenience and product freshness to the consumer as well as product differentiation to the brand owner.


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